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We have now made it much easier to obtain a referral to see a specialist in the comfort of your home via our secure online Health Management Portal, HealthTracker. Please click here to submit your Referral Request.


We require 2 - 3 business days to process your request. Referrals will be sent to the specialist's office in time for your appointment.  


Urgent referrals must be called directly into our office at 786.636.6187.


Once Dr. Efrain Garcia has referred you to visit a specialist. Fill out as much information as possible to expedite the processing of your referral.


First, you will have to call the specialist's office phone number given to you by Dr. Garcia and set up an appointment for the consultation visit or for the procedure. Then, complete the referral request form.


Please ask the office of the specialist for their Tax ID Number and Provider ID so you can complete your request in full.


Insurance Related Referrals

If your insurance company requires us to issue a referral or prior authorization to another medical specialist or facility please review your benefits available for that specialist/facility directly with them.   We make a reasonable effort to refer to specialists/facilities that participate with your insurance company, but we cannot guarantee their participation at the time of your visit.  


You should always inquire about your financial obligation for services rendered to you before they are performed.  Additionally, it is your responsibility to provide any necessary referral information to us that your insurance requires prior to your visit with our office.  If you are seen and our provider is not in network with your current plan or you were required to provide a referral and did not, you will be responsible for payment for services rendered.


If you have any questions please call our office at 786.636.6187 so we can better assist you in completing this form.


Thank you.

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