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Laboratory Services


We are committed to saving you time and providing the same comfortable care when you need laboratory services. Our office has the convenience of ancillary services, such as ultrasound studies as well as a fully equipped in-house laboratory. Your blood work can be performed during your regular office visit with Dr. Garcia or you may schedule an appointment just for lab services with our qualified nursing staff.


Office patients may also utilize the laboratory services when laboratory blood-work is requested by other specialists. We only require a copy of the order including a diagnosis to receive this service in the comfort of our office. Our office staff will provide your laboratory results to your specialist's office prior to your follow up appointment.


Laboratory services will be billed directly through your health insurance plan and will be included in the office visit co-payment.


Health Management Portal and Secure Communications


Log into our secure Electronic Medical Records and Health Management Portal to access your medical history and SAVE TIME making appointments, requesting refills and so much more!  Learn more...

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